Reader Asks: “I am in my first twenties. I met he a few weeks ago and we genuinely clicked. We went out on a number of dates, and I truly feel like we are developing a interconnection. However, throughout this whole time period I made it look like I needed prior relationships, etc.. much more fact I am a virgin. We are concerned that when the times arrives for us to have sex, the simple truth is going to come out and it’s going to ruin things or feel embarrassing to me. Just what exactly should I do?”?

PH Answers:

I powerfully believe that you should share because you are a virgin with that male for at least three reasons:

First, for many individuals hearing this is good news, particularly if he is as serious about people as you hope he is. Knowing that he is your first, and that you have been in a sense “pure”, is likely to be a pleasant big surprise to him, as not any guy runs into too many virgins this day and age, let alone a woman in her 20’azines. So, this is something you ought to be proud of rather than being embarrassed with, regardless of your environment, christian convictions or anything else.

Secondly, being opened about your lack of sexual experience previous rather than later in your conversation with him will take a lot of pressure off of you. Imagine bursting this barrier, not having in making up stories anymore while not having to act like you are experienced if you find yourself not.

Lastly, as an inexperienced fan, you are bound to make mistakes or not to be as much “fun” in bed as the woman who has at least a number of sexual experience. These potential errors will be completely understandable for your guy if he knows that you are a “novice”. However, the same issues is actually a serious turn-off and being misunderstood as lack of passion by you, if he doesn’t recognize that you are a virgin, while having sex along for the first time.

You may be concerned about carrying this up, thinking that this might suggest to him that you’ll be asking to have sex having him, but you can do this subtly and indirectly. As an example, you can casually and even playfully talk about in a conversation that you are still waiting to be intimate unless you meet the right guy the person you would have a connection with as well as feelings for. This will surely excite his curiosity and will display the message that he will be your initial.