Many dating advice books as well as blogs suggest that complimenting a girl is one good way to break the ice and initiate a conversation. ?However, giving any compliment to someone you seldom know or don’t learn at all is rarely a good idea, without so much because of the reasons pointed out elsewhere – i.e. reducing status, putting a girl on the pedestal, etc… The main reason is that beginning a conversation with a compliment doesn’big t really help get the conversation going. In fact, complimenting a girl helps to make the conversation harder to continue.

Suppose you approach a girl who is sitting at a cafe and reading, and you simply tell her “I just wanted to let you know that you are beautiful”. What can you really anticipate her to do and state in response, except smile and also say “thank you?” You are not requesting her anything that will make her own think and give you a purposeful answer, and you are not saying anything at all meaningful to get her considering or talking. Also, when she is really that appealing, she surely has read it a few times before. Becoming yet another guy show conveys to her about how hot jane is, is not going to put you in the kind of group of the guys that you want to be in as early as possible in her eyes – the guy that’s different and ?interesting than others. ?You are not telling anything she hasn’t read before, so why would she deal with it with anything apart from “thank!” and go back to her own book. This type of compliment will likely immediately put you in a position as someone who is asking for something despite the fact that “worshiping” her beauty way too eventually, which will make many girls feel unpleasant.

Instead of giving a girl a generic compliment in order to get her interest, try saying some more than simply that. In the book model above, ?if the girl ends up reading for a while and you have a way to sit next to her, gently exclaim at some point “Wow, I personally ?really envy you focus span. I don’t believe I could focus on a book for this long unless it was genuinely fascinating.” You don’t actually need to look at her or try to get her focus. If you sit close sufficient, you can just say that. If the girl acknowledges that she heard ones comment in any way, she will often say “thanks” or she will state that the book is indeed interesting, and also it’s isn’t but she’s to read it for school For each work anyway. At that point, you come up with something to follow up on of which so that the exchange doesn’t expire. ?Ask her what which will book is, what it is around, why she is reading that, ?and perhaps share with her a terrific book that you recently read through. And from there, you can at random jump to any other subject – in which she is from and how often she has been in the area, in order to her other favorite spots to hold out, etc.