Have you been dating some guy for more than a year but you by some means feel the relationship has gone stale? You want to take things to the next level however he seems comfortable with just how things are. Sucks, right? You may want him to get wed you or you want him or her to make the relationship exclusive. At any rate, there are tips you can use to cause him to be take the relationship to the next level.

Warning: these tips might sound a little counterproductive.

Don’t be his wife

So he hasn’t put a ring on it however are acting like his girl? You’re cleaning after the pup, you’re cooking for your pet and you are even planning on setting up a baby with him. Difficulties he make you his spouse when you are already playing the wife part? A man appreciates whether he wants to shell out the rest of his life on hand sooner than you think. You don’t have to play the role of a wife to influence him that you can be a beneficial wife.

Don’t become invested in any guy

This puts a lot of pressure on a male and he would probably feel pressured. A man can sense you want to capture the relationship to the next level and he could withdraw emotionally. So allow yourself and the guy room for you to breathe. If you aren’t engaged you happen to be not yet exclusive so never act like you are. Relax plus take your time to figure out if this is the person you really want to spend the rest of your lifetime with.

Don’t be exclusive

When you particular date more than one man you won’t see the urgency of being with an individual guy. Besides, you are beginning yourself up to new programs. You might just find a man who is better than the one you have you on. Please note the key word here is DATING not Resting around with different men. You should keep on seeing other males until the guy you think is Mr. Right wants to decide to you.

Don’t try to win them over