So you’ve dated a couple of folks for some time now and you are not able to really seem to find a male who wants a long term relationship together with you. You decide to take a step back to aim to find out what the problem could be. Whilst you sit curled up on your couch watching reruns of Sex plus the City an “aha” moment pops in your brain. You’re thinking “Mr. Big and Elizabeth Bradshaw aren’t taking things to the next step because Carrie is online dating an unavailable man”.

Now you know what to perform; you will stop dating hard to get at men. Yeah, if only it was that easy. If you are dating not reachable men, it’s because you too usually are unavailable. You attract that which you are. Still in doubt? Here are telling signs that you are an emotionally unavailable woman.

  1. Available guys?aren’capital t?that interesting to you
  2. You wish what you can’t have. Accessible guys are boring and you also don’t think they are amazing. Ok, so maybe they ask you out on real dates, they bring everyone flowers, they pull chair and open doors for yourself and they genuinely would like to know you better but that doesn’testosterone appeal to you. When a guy explains affection, the first thing that comes to mind can be “desperate loser”.

    If you feel this way about obtainable men then there is something wrong together with you. Here’s why:

    You think you are unworthy of true love if someone looks like they want to study you, you subconsciously take into account them to be a threat. Operate on loving and accepting oneself and those available men begins becoming interesting.

  3. You are looking for Mr. Perfect