When I chose to let you go, there wasn’t any great moment of victory.
There wasn’t an earth-shattering epiphany that will changed my life, where tunes played and the universe conspired to take everything together for good.

There wasn’t conflict, no turmoil without any struggle. No internal debate. No weighing of advantages and disadvantages. No decision to be studied to death-even by me, who actually cannot make a decision without several weeks of obsessive thought around every possible outcome.

There ended up only two words, when I made a decision to let you go:

No more.

No more will I measure my price against your opinion. No more not working be pressed into the shapes you carved for me. You can forget will I tell my heart that will quiet down, ashamed of its clatter. No more will there be blood on my feet from the eggshells I walked on when i tried not to give cause for your disapproval.