I got engaged to this boyfriend at my sister’s wedding once party. He proposed in my opinion in front of my friends and close relatives. Everyone was excited about it although me. The thing is, I don’t want to marry him and I only accepted his proposal because I just didn’t want to disappoint him or maybe embarrass him in front of all those people. How do I break the engagement without breaking his coronary heart?

Well, there are three things here: first, you need some golf balls to face your fianc and fall off the engagement. Second, you simply can’t break an engagement possessing his heart unless you did not have any real feelings for each other. Third, you have to be ready for a lot of backlash from your fianc, family, friends and in many cases co-workers.

The good news is that the only particular person you owe an explanation is your fianc-period! Don’t allow anyone else interrogate you or simply make you feel any more guilty compared to you already do. Consequently here’s how you can break ones engagement.

Write him a note

Before people jump down our throats regarding suggesting this idea, hear individuals out first. Write your pet a note explaining to him why you no longer want to be engaged so that you can him. It doesn’t matter what your good reason is as long as you are truthful with him and with oneself.

So if you’ve decided to become a nun because you want to live a life of celibacy then go ahead and produce that. After he’s investigate the note, call him up and manage to meet with him one on one. Clarify anything he would like to know and give him closing.

Write him an email